Powermatic 150 Cigarette Injector


Using an innovative clutch mechanism, the Powermatic 150 is able to provide the same function as the Powermatic I. All metal construction in the frame of the 150 keeps the machine rigid and greatly reduces the likelihood of jams. In one fluid motion, the Powermatic 150 packs, injects, and dispenses precision-packed cigarettes. Portable. CNC technology, tight tolerance and pride in craftsmanship make the Powermatic 150 stand out from the crowd. The titanium-plated blade in the tobacco chamber ensures excess tobacco is cut properly, and a perfect cigarette is made. Comes with cleaning kit and 1-year limited warranty. Titanium-plated compressor, high precision stainless steel parts. Makes regular and 100mm cigarettes. No more arm twisting!

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  • Unlimited machine warranty and replacement as long as you buy our tobacco.

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