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If you have one of our storage buckets, store as much as you can in it. Press down to fit as much as you can. Make sure before you seal it up so no air can go in or out.

If you don’t have a storage bucket, you can still store it in the plastic bag it came in! Just make sure that it is as airtight as possible. 

Store your sealed tobacco in a cool, dark place. Heat/direct sunlight can lead to mold growth over time, much like any other agricultural product. The back of a closet is a perfect place for it.

Be sure not to refrigerate or freeze your tobacco! This can break the veins in the tobacco leaf causing it to break down into “offal” (the dust and shattered tobacco you see at the bottom of bags)

Only shred as much as you are about to roll. 1 lb of tobacco will make about 2.5 cartons worth of cigarettes. The rest of the Tobacco should stay in storage!

We do not. You can do it better. By shredding your own tobacco you can save money and have a better smoke. Shredding fresh tobacco reduces the amount of “offal” (dust/breakage), which lowers the burn temperature of the cigarette. Higher burn temperatures lead to an uneven smoke, and an overall unpleasant/harsher taste. In addition, to sell shredded tobacco different states have many different requirements and registries.

Check the moisture level of the tobacco. Tobacco moisture content is the #1 cause of machine problems. If it is still not working you have a few options:

  1. Call Mark Baldwin for questions or new parts for your Just Good or Revolution Machines. (707) 483-1694
  2. Call Zico for questions about your Powermatic machines (714) 529-5060
  3. All other questions call us! (800) 243-2737

Yes we do! We charge you half the shipping cost to send your packages. Give us a call (800) 243-2737, or email us at lotsaorders@gmail.com and we can get your order placed.

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