WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Natural Harvest Starter Package


Our heavy duty 47 pound Electric Shredder will shred through enough tobacco to make 10 packs of cigarettes in about a minute. The Powermatic III+ will make a perfect pack of cigarettes in about 2 minutes. Our all natural tobacco leaves with the mid rib stem removed is cured and redried. It is available in 4 blends: Red (full flavor), Blue (light), Green (Virginia), and Purple (Turkish). Each 12.5 lbs of tobacco makes about 30 cartons of cigarettes. When you purchase this package you will be rolling for $20 per carton and on your reorder of tobacco and tubes will be rolling for as little as $9.33 per carton after this initial purchase.

The Natural Harvest Starter Package Includes:

  • Powermatic III+ Electric Injector — $199 value
  • Natural Harvest Tobacco Power Shredder — $325 value
  • 12.5 lb bag of Natural Harvest Tobacco Leaves (your choice of 4 blends) or 10.1 lbs of Elegant Tobacco Leaves — $190-$235 value
  • 30 boxes of Natural Harvest tubes (Full Flavor or Light) or 25 boxes of Elegant Tubes — $90-$100 value
  • Tobacco Moisture Meter — $25 value
  • Boveda Moisture Control Packet — $5 value
  • Natural Harvest Tobacco Storage Bucket — $60 value
  • 2 Natural Harvest or Elegant Packages — $10 value

Total Value $904 to $959. All yours for just $599!

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  • We do NOT sell to customers located in Arizona or Washington.
  • Unlimited machine warranty and replacement as long as you buy our tobacco.

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