Menthol Crystals


The price is for 1 oz.

For customers seeking a medium to full-strength menthol cigarette, crystals are required. There is a learning curve involved. When done correctly the recipe makes about 8 ounces of menthol solution. Use about two thirds of this solution per pound and you will have something close to the standard store bought brands. When applying to the tobacco its best to be around 3-5 inches away and stir the portion of tobacco that is to be treated. By doing this it allows the menthol to spread evenly throughout the tobacco instead of pockets of strong menthol and pockets with none. Once the tobacco is treated it’s best to let it sit 1-2 hours or until dry. Some people try to speed this up by microwaving or baking the tobacco. This does cause the menthol to cure faster but can also result in dried out and in some instances burn the tobacco.

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